Friday, February 8, 2013

Terrible Twos Have Come Early!

To be perfectly honest Kalli has been less than a joy lately. She is coming to an age where her independence has not yet caught up with her ability to do things, this resulting in the "terrible Twos" making their appearance early. Now i understand that the terrible twos are not an actual scientifically proven phenomenon or anything but there has most deffinitly been a change in my once happy-go-lucky little girl, She is throwing tantrums daily, and getting into everything. She hears "No" so often i truly think its starting to lose its meaning to her. She cannot talk yet so her communication is lacking and her demands are growing. I have been doing some research about the "Terrible Twos" and I have put together some things i wanted to share. 

The Terrible Twos a Time of Tantrums and Tumbles

Toddlers know what they want when they want it, and a lot of the time don't have the words to properly express what they are looking for, this can be frustrating for them. Imagine if you were trying so desperately to tell someone what you want or need and they just couldn't understand you, well you might cry too. So don't blame them try to help them learn to communicate better rater than getting upset yourself try to figure out what they are wanting, tantrums are going to happen, and they are probably going to happen in public every time you go out somewhere but that is no reason to stay cooped up in the house all the time is it? As long as you can learn to deal with it ad not to let it phase you you can easily get through a trip to Walmart with all your hair intact!

Maybe your child can communicate with you better, when you have to say no, you cannot have that toy or no you cannot eat the cat food. They are not going to like this very much. Saying no all the time they may just stop listening and start repeating  At this age a kids favorite work is probably no. Bed time, NO, Eat time, NO, Bath time, NO! No it's mine, No you can't have it, No i don't like you! are going to be things you probably hear a lot, I don't have this problem exactly yet, and even though my kid can't talk yet NO is a prominent statement in our house, she shakes her head no rather than using the word and i get it all the time. but if you can just stand your ground and  not give in, you will be moved onto the next issue before you know it!

Toddlers are at a point in their development where they are completely mobile, they can go anywhere, and also do and climb anything they want. They also have not yet developed a sense of danger so when they decide to scale the changing table or they seek out new heights such as the kitchen table, they do so without fear. As a parent you are constantly running back and forth keeping them out of things and prying your kids death grip from the scissors they somehow manages to grab off of a counter that yesterday they most certainly could not reach onto, or you are saving them from a two foot fall to the floor. They are crazy little people, the most brave and self assured daredevils you will ever meet, but they still need you. Aside from the courageousness of the terrible twos they still need their mommy and daddy, and you are still their biggest sense of comfort. When you don't make it to their balancing act in time and they do get a little bump or bruise they turn to you for a kiss better it may be a very frustrating time but you can't get mad at them its just they way they work right now.

My tips for dealing with your toddler :

  • Mean it when you say no
  • Stand your Ground, Don't give in
  • Toddler Proof!
  • Don't go too far away
  • Don't get mad, it's not their fault
  • Always remember, Your kid isn't giving you a hard time, they are having a hard time!

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