Thursday, February 28, 2013

Budget Cuts!

I have been looking up and researching ways to save some money. Now that our income has significantly decreased, this is something that has become very important. But the more and more i look, i am realizing that i am doing 90% of the things i'm finding. Idk yet what i am going to do to save some dough! But i need to start figuring soon cause its not looking good. I just got my tax return (NOT NEARLY WHAT I WAS EXPECTING) and i used this to pay off our huggggeee phone/cable/internet (contracted) bill, i am buying the twins convertible car-seats and high chairs. Other than that the money is gone, we have no savings and this small chunk I've got i'm going to but the big things i will need in the upcoming months.

"You never know how much broker you will be tomorrow." This is a quote i have decided i will live by from now on. If i have the money to buy it today and know i will need it in the next month or two i am going to get it, what if i have absolutely no way to get it later, then what will we do?

I will update once i have got a plan but for now it's going to be a penny pinching few months!... well it would be if Canada wasn't getting rid of the penny!!!

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