Monday, February 25, 2013

F**K YOU 11:11

For the past little while I have been noticing 11:11 more then I ever have before, i will see it in the am and pm, I will notice a message was sent at 11:11, I seem to walk out into my kitchen at 11:11 every night, usually the morning one is noticed on my computer. The other night what i experienced kept me awake i was so freaked out.

Before i get into this i need you to know a couple things, my stove time, i thought i set it off of my phone time, my alarm clock is preset and has been since i got it months ago, and my phone is also digitally preset off of my phone connection thing. Also i had no clue what the time differences were/are between any of these things, and  you also should know that i live in a small apartment so my room, Kalli's room and the kitchen are very close so it didn't take long going between rooms.

So I walked into my bedroom to put the babies into their bed, when i walked in i glanced at the alarm clock and it said 11:11 and i was like "God Damn, seriously" and then i went on with what i was doing, i laid the babies down and then took my hair out of the elastic and brushed it, I looked back at my alarm clock and it then said 11:14, and i thought wouldn't it be freaky if i went out and the stove said 11:11, so i stopped brushing and went out, sure enough it did!!!! i had to sit there a second and take it in. I was a little bit freaked out by it.  I was also home alone, Jordan had gone out to a friends house. So after I collected myself again i went in to check on Kalli, adjusted the heat in her room like i always do before i go to bed, when i got back into my bedroom i picked up the phone  to call my mom before i went to sleep and, yup the phone said 11:11... I ended up freaking out a bit, i laid in bed scared SH**LESS for at least an hour until i fell asleep. 

This really pushed this thing over the edge for me, now i am so freaked out i nearly cry every time i see the number, I  wish i could jut stop seeing it!! PLEASE!

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