Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our New "Outing" Set-Up

As you may know it is very hard to go out with 3 babies, however with the right tools you can make life much, much easier.
We drive a sun fire, aka teeny tiny has no business driving around a big family, but it does! Now our biggest problem going out right now is that the babies in their car seats weight a ton! Oh, and that our trunk absolutely does not fit our MONSTER Double +Sit and stand stroller. Sooo our solution (for now) if that i put a baby in the baby carrier (yes i know all the stuff about the whole crotch dangler thing, i always keep one hand on baby to support him/her) and the other is in the click it stroller, the most awesome amazing thing i have ever found!! I can easily steer with one hand. And Kalli pretty much just walks and hold our hand now, so really if i 100% absolutely had to i could go out alone, but i really don't plan on it from a lonnnngggg time! And since my kiddos wont fit in their infant carrier forever, when they are big enough  will be putting them in a double umbrella stroller. Maybe someday we will get a van though and i can take out my massive stroller contraption!

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