Must Haves

Must Have Baby Items

So these are the tings i have found to be MUST HAVES for my life with babies, I will be adding things as i come acrossed new things or i find my self overusing something.

Infant to Toddler Rocker

I have two of these and i use them everyday, i cannot hole both of them all the time and i need to have somwhere that they are safe and not on the floow or where Kalli can hurt them, they also have the calming vibrations and toys to help with development

Cotton Receiving Blankets

These are a 200% must have!! I swaddel the babies every night when they sleep, i use there insead of burp cloths, i use them rolled up as carseat head support, i use them as bassinet sheets, Change table covers as body support in the swing What ever i can use them for I do I would be absoluely lost without them.

The Diaper Genie

With 3 Babies in diapers, there is ALOT of poop, i change roughly 30 diapers a day thats more than one an hour every hour. And i need somewhere for them to go. This holds in the smell and the diapers and i dont have to worry about it stinking up my house.

Medela Pump in Style

I exclusively pumped for 2 month for all my kids, i used this 8+ times a day everyday, in order to pump you need a very very good pump to keep up, if i had had enough time (between taking care of babies) i would have kept puming, his is an excellent quality pump.. and this picture is the version i have, the pump is removeable from the bag and i use the bag for my diaper bag its plenty big enough to fit all the stuff i need fr all 3 babies!

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