My name is Kaiti, I am from a small town in eastern Canada, and I have lived here all my life. I have three beautiful children, Kalli Luke and Emma. It may seem crazy o some that i have three children and im only 20, but im happy o have my children young. when im 40 my kids will be grown up aand i will be in a better place in life to do things i want to do, it was never the plan to have this many babies before even getting a college education but it happened, life happened. I will go to school someday, hopefullly in 5 years, i wan tto wait until my kids are all in school beforre i go back, i want to be there to raise them and see every little thing they do. When i do go to school i want to be a nurse.

This is my Boyfriend Jordan. we have been together for 6 years, he is an swesome dad, He can alwyas get Kalli to sleep if she absolutely dead against it and he always makes her feel beter when shes hurt or sad. Hes a little weary of the twins right now bcause they are soo tiny but he'll once they are bigger i know he will be just as great wih them as he is with Kalli.
This is Miss Kalli, she is 13 months old, she was born 6 weeks early ad spent her first 16 days in NICU. She is a truly a bundle of joy, she is the happiest little girl and she just loves being around people and having her picure taken. Her favorite food is friut melts. She love tinkerbell and sesame street, her favorite toy off all time is her Leap Frog Activity Table.

Meet Luke, Luke is the oldest ofthe twins, he is the middle child and the only boy... what an opening statement eh? He is so alm cool and collected at all times... until it's time to eat. Otherwise he is very chill, he is relaxed and content with sookie in mouth. on the inside he was much more active and crazy than he is on he outside, he even was active on the way ou... he cam eright on on the table without much warning! He is not only the oldest but he is and always has been the biggest of the two, born weighing 4lbs 13oz he soon fastly surpassed his sister being discharged at 34 days old weighing nearly 7 lbs, he was a big boy from the start.

My little Emma, she is as tiny as her name, it just sounds little doesnt it! Em is the baby of the family she is the youngest as smallest she was just 4lbs at birth an was dischared from nicu at 44 days weighing 6lbs 4oz. She may be small but she sure is a spitfire, she always wants attention, and she loves her swing it calms her right down. My little girl is very curious, the nurses in NICU said she remined them of a baby bird with her big bright eyes.

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