Labor, Delivery & NICU *Kalli*

Above Photo Taken about 2 weeks before Kalli's Arrival

On November 9th, 2011 at about 11:45pm my water broke six weeks early, Kalli's origional due date was December 25th. Being that this was happening so early I was in utter panic, My contractoins started about 10 minuites after my water broke and they started hard and fast, at 30 min. past water breaking my comtractions were 2 minuites apart, i was advised to go to the hospital by ambulance because of my fast progression. The ambulance ride seemed o ake forever, i arrived at the hospital at about 1 am. The nurses were very calm and passive about pain and concerns, they said everything fine, nicu will be here for delivery and since its your first baby you'll be here a while (HAHAHA)... So i figured okay no big deal i have a while to go probably, i was hecked about 30 minuites after arrival and i was at about 4cm. I had preiously planned to not have an epidural but once i was there i was in soo much pain i wanted drugs and i wanted them NOW! being that it was 1 am there was no annesesiologist there at that moment so i would have had to wait till at leaste 3am to get it. The nuse then put Fentynyl in my IV... and anyone who has not had or hear of this, it is supposedly stronger thsn morephine, it does not take the pain away it basically makes you oblivious to whats going on for about five minuites or so... then it wears off. They were only allowed to give it to me twice so i waied about 30 minuites after the first does and i was screaming for a second one. My nurse checked me again at about 2:20 am and to her surprise i was 9cm dialated! By this time i had exhausted my pain releif options and an epidural was no where in sight. I did not want to be touched when i was in labor, all the books say to hold dads ad and masage blah blah blah... he tried to hold my hnd and i bit him... The nurse clled the dr's in quick because shortly after my 9cm check i had th urge to push, i was puhing involentarily, the dr rushed in and 2 big pushes later Kalli was born. She was wisked away quickly to the NICU. I had a first degree tear and 4 stitches, after i was sown up i was able to go take a shower, i stayed in there for a good hour sitting under the hottest water i possibly could stand. Iwas very emotional and still in shock of what just happened. About an hour after birth they swaddeled me up in a wheel chair and took me down to see my baby in the NICU.

Kalli's first picture taken at 3:52am Nov 10, 2011

Because of her insability i was no able to hold her right away. She was in an incubator on increased oxygen and heat for 3 days, when she was two days old her had jaundice and was put under lights

She had an IV in her head giving her nutrients, and fter two days that came out and a feeding tube was put in through her nose, she was fed with feeding ub eonly for about 5 days. At 3 days old e got to hold her for the frst time!

Every day she got stronger and bigger, her herdels to overcome were eating, reathing and regulating temp. witihin the first couple days she was breathing and regulating her temperature well, the only thing left was feeding, it took two weeks for her to be able to eat on her own. When she was 15 days old they old me to bring in her carseat for her carseat test and hat i needed to take Infant CPR that day.

Right before i was baout to leave the house to go do my cpr class they called and told me to bring or things i was going to be sleeping in the hostel room with Kalli and she could come home the next day!!!

It was a bright sunny day, November 26th 2011 my baby girl came home with us finally.

Labor, Delivery & NICU *Twins*

Photo Above taken 2 weeks before delivery

On October 6th 2012 at 1 am i woke up from a deep sleep with a weird feeling, i walked to the bathroom and before i got there i felt it, my water was breaking. I immediately called my mother to get her to figure out a way to get ahold of jordn at his work, he had no cell phone and i had no car nor did my mom that night. Luckily she got ahold of him fairly quicklly and he rushed home, i was going into labor even earlier that i had with kalli but i felt very calm. I didnt want to wake kalli up until the last second so i did up a few dishes and washed her bottler, pcked her a bag for days, backed myself a bag and changed the garbage before jordan ggot home. Everyone was trying o tell me to go in an aabulance but i was not having it there was noooo way i ws going to go in an ambulance this time. It ws very late so the gas station wasnt open we had jordans mother mmeet us at a gas station with a can of gas but there just happened to be an employee left at the store 2 hours after closing who let us get some gas. Once we got on our way the excitment was starting to set in, my conractions were about 3 minuies apart but still pretty spuratic.

Once i was admitted to the hospital they hooked me up to moniters and an iv, they didnt want to check me because they wanted to keep the babies in as long as possible and the Dr was concerned it may stimulate labor more. They gave me Magnesium to help close off the babies neural tubes and also to stop labor for as long as they could. Then i got a steroid shot to help quickly develop their lungs, i got the magnesium and steroids at 4am, the magnesium worked to stop contrations for about an hour, at 5:30 i was back in alot of pain, and i asked for an epidural, they check me and said i was only 3cm but i really wanted it so they agreed to give it to me, in the mean time i had a shot of fentynyl while i waited for the annestesiologist. (BTW i had not wanted a epidual but the magnesium meant that i was not allowed o get out of bed because it does something to your nerves i think and makes you sic, so i couldnt move around to help ease the pain).

The annestesiologist came in at 6am, the nurse checked me and i was only 4cm, then she went on break and i had a different nurse temporarily. I was leaning against jordan while getting the epidural but he's not good with needels and almost passed out so the nue took over, i had to sit completely still while getting the epiural, and i did when they were putting the tape on however i couldnt i absolutely could not sit with my legs over the side of the bed anymore, they kept saying that i couldnt more but i had to and i did i put my legs back up on the bed and Luke was born... thats right no pushing, no one looking just just came ou onto the bed and i screamed did i just havee him,and they al turned in shock, they took him quickly down to the nicu. Soon after Emma's heart rate began to drop quickly, they check me and the dr said she was still very high up and i needed t have an emergency c-secion to get her out ASAP! They sent jordan with a nurse to put on scrubs and meet us in the OR I was terrified at this point because the eidural still had nt began to work and i could feel everything! as they wheeled me down the hall i was sreaming im not numb its not workig i cam feel everything and when we got into the OR, they moved me onto the Operating table and hen my water broke AGAIN! it was a big loud splash, it soaed all the doctors and nurses then i felt the need to push so i did i pushed twice and Emma was out, Jordan was walking i as they were wheeling her out! everyone was soo surprised at what just happened!

Luke Edward

Emma Frances

Because of the epidural (which ever did end up working) i had to stay in bed fo an hour after delivering before i could shower and go see the babies in the NICU, when he time finally came to go they wheeled me in to see them ,they were soo tiny. luke weighed 4lbs 13oz and Emma was just Slightly over 4lbs. They began their NICU stay on CPAP, in incubators with extra heat and IV nutrition. They had the IV's for 4 days and they were in incubators for just ver a week, they sent one day in Bililiighs for jaundice.

The quickly progressed, but they both ate very slowly. They spent their fist Halloween in Nicu, but i brought them cute outfits to wear!

Once they oculd eat well i had a plan for their discharge, however the day before they caled me and said that they couldnt come home because their hemoglobin levels went down. the next day (origioal planned discharge date) i went up to visit, went home and then 2 hours after i got home i got a call to come back and get Luke!! but Emma had o stay because of the big drop in hemoglobin she had. So the day before Kalli's 1st birthday Luke came home!

Emma had to stay for an extra 10 days for monitering, she was put back on a feeding ube to help conserve her energy. After 10 days she progressed more than hey had expected her to and on November 19th Emma came home.

And my family was finally all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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