So if you are here you have probably read my blog post about "getting my ass in gear!"  , That's why the title of this page is GMAIG! Getting My Ass In Gear! I really have no better way to explain myself, this is what i need to do and this is what i want to do! I don't want to candy coat my situation and i feel like it needs to be said, I need this bad! My life could be more fulfilling  i feel like my kids lives could be better, if only i can lose this weight!

 Now my goal is not going to be one big overall goal, No, i am splitting it up into 5 smaller goals, and i would love to have this completed in 1 Year(ish) By my 22nd Birthday, April 22 2014 I want to have completed my goal and i want to be a new, healthier, happier, (SKINNIER) me!

My Weight Goals: 

  1. 230lbs
  2. 200lbs
  3. 180lbs
  4. 160lbs
  5. 140lbs

These are my goals i have set for myself, I want to have a total weight loss of 120lbs. Like i have mentioned my weight fluctuates up to 10lbs everyday, one day i could be 260lbs and the next i could be 254 or 248, but i want to get myself to a healthy, lower weight. 

At my starting point March 6 2013 my Current weight is 258lbs, i am in the 98th percentile for my age and height, i have a BMI of  45.7 and i am considered obese. These are not things that i am proud of, I can not believe that i let it get this bad! But i will change I NEED to change! 

My Exercise Plan:

My exercise plan is going to change over time, I want to work myself up in the whole "90 day plan" thing. I really want to be in good enough shape to do P90X, but for now i am starting with a great, free, online program i found on youtube, it is called BeFitin90.

Be Fit in 90, is a 90 day exercise plan, it has a new workout everyday. It is a 30 min workout, and so far it has kicked my ass!  I love it!

I also plan on doing a other exercise thing i have found on pinterest, This is what i have started today along with Day 1 of Be Fit in 90! I will update when i start something new!

I will be posting weekly about this journey, along with my regular mommy blog posts. I will also do a weekly weigh in every Fridat! I will also be using an app on my windows 8 comp to track my weight with a chart!

Friday Weigh In:

March 18, 2013- 260.0 lbs
April 12, 2013- 268 lbs.... WTF?

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