Thursday, May 2, 2013

MOTHER of All Strollers!

Took the kids out for a walk in our joovy big caboose! What a work out, pushing around nearly 100lbs! We had a great time and I wanted to share some pictures.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome Back self!

Hey yo, to all my lovely (possibly non-exsistent) readers! I have been working soo much I have hardly had time to think or breath let alone blog or vlog! I doing this stuff but it takes time that I just dont have sometimes!

Well i guess i just wanted to update on a few things going on lately. Today I made arrangements to sell our crib and Kalli's Change table. I have decided that i am buying play yard mattresses and the twins will just sleep there until they transition, I loved that Kalli transitioned early so I plan on switching them early too! Another exciting this is that we have started planning the move from Room Sharing with Jordan and I to Twins and Kal all in one room! Kalli's room will be turned into a playroom! (I have lots of exciting projects in the works for that!) I am working now and Jordan is doing awesome at being a SAHD he does great :) and he even empties the dishwasher and does the laundry! YAEY!

Well its late and I have work tomorow so i will see you next time


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Working Momma!

My first few days of being a working mom have been hectic! The first two days I worked afternoon shift. I got up at 8 with the kids, got them all fed and ready for the day ad played for a while. I left at 12 for work , right after Kalli went down for her nap. This made it much easier since she wasnt crying for me. But the next two days I worked the am shift, I got up at 7 and the kids were awake too ( I think they smell me wake up...) So i fed Luke and got kalli her breakfast, but when I went to leave she wounded so heart broken...

I know this is what has to happen now, but it is deffinitly an adjustment. I wish Jordan would blog about his days... maybe i'll ask him too, he has been recording alot for me, so I dont miss out too much.

I love my family so much, this is all for them!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Homemade Baby Food Attempt Successful!

Yesterday I made my first two batches of baby food for the twins! I made peas and green beans! I got 28 oz  of each and paid about 4.00! Yeay for me saving $$!

Working Mom & Stay at Home Dad

It is official! I have been hired! I will begin my new job at a local aquarium/research center's student residence kitchen! I am excited, scared and nervous all at once. This new employment means that it is time for daddy to take on momma's role! Jordan is now going to be a stay at home dad, for the next 6 months! I start work on Wednesday, so I have only a few days to give him a crash course in parenting, He is already such an amazing dad, but he is a little lost on the housewife side of things. I am not going to compile a list and guide to everything he needs to know about taking care of the house while he does the child care duties! Wish me luck! I will post what i come up with!