Sunday, April 21, 2013

Working Momma!

My first few days of being a working mom have been hectic! The first two days I worked afternoon shift. I got up at 8 with the kids, got them all fed and ready for the day ad played for a while. I left at 12 for work , right after Kalli went down for her nap. This made it much easier since she wasnt crying for me. But the next two days I worked the am shift, I got up at 7 and the kids were awake too ( I think they smell me wake up...) So i fed Luke and got kalli her breakfast, but when I went to leave she wounded so heart broken...

I know this is what has to happen now, but it is deffinitly an adjustment. I wish Jordan would blog about his days... maybe i'll ask him too, he has been recording alot for me, so I dont miss out too much.

I love my family so much, this is all for them!

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