Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome Back self!

Hey yo, to all my lovely (possibly non-exsistent) readers! I have been working soo much I have hardly had time to think or breath let alone blog or vlog! I doing this stuff but it takes time that I just dont have sometimes!

Well i guess i just wanted to update on a few things going on lately. Today I made arrangements to sell our crib and Kalli's Change table. I have decided that i am buying play yard mattresses and the twins will just sleep there until they transition, I loved that Kalli transitioned early so I plan on switching them early too! Another exciting this is that we have started planning the move from Room Sharing with Jordan and I to Twins and Kal all in one room! Kalli's room will be turned into a playroom! (I have lots of exciting projects in the works for that!) I am working now and Jordan is doing awesome at being a SAHD he does great :) and he even empties the dishwasher and does the laundry! YAEY!

Well its late and I have work tomorow so i will see you next time


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