Friday, February 1, 2013

Our "getting out of the house" Routine

Today we decided to take a drive to the states to get some milk and gas, we made this decision around 8:30 am, we were on the road about 2 hours later. Every where we go people are always commenting on how long it must take us to go anywhere. Honestly, it absolutely takes longer than the old on a whim trips but its not really as bad as most people assume, especially since i think we have a pretty good routine, and i can run this drill like a well oiled machine by now.
If we plan a trip before hand this can take slightly less time because i have everything prepared but today it was a last minute decision. (I will make a post later about how I plan for our shopping trips). I was actually feeding Emma and had just got up when we decided this so Luke was already asleep. But its still basically the same routine that I use.

8:30 Feed Emma, Decide to go shopping!
8:45 Make Kalli Breakfast (Banana, Milk)
8:50 Pack Diaper Bag while Kalli Eats
9:00 Feed Luke
9:15 Wipe Kalli off and get her out of her seat
9:20 Dress and Change Luke
9:25 Put Luke in Car Seat (It needed to be re-threaded today so it took an extra 10 minutes to do this!)
9:40 Dress and Change Emma
9:45 Put Emma in her cars eat
9:50 Put Kalli's Car seat and Luke's Base in car
10:10 Get myself dressed
10:15 Get Kalli dressed
10:25 Put Diaper Bag and formula to return in car
10:30 Put Kids in Car and Leave!!

I do this all myself, Jordan occupy's Kalli while i get the twins ready, otherwise she'd be having a fit! All in all today was good we got out quickly and efficiently without any major snags in our plan other that re-threading the car seats... that is a pain in my a** but it's gotta be done!
Leaving the house really isn't an easy task but it is so worth it to relieve that bit of cabin fever I get! I never go out completely alone with more than one, i just don't feel comfortable with it right now, maybe if it was the twins, but not with Kalli! Someday when they can all walk then i will do it but for now i am NOT flying solo! And the absolute best advice i could give to anyone trying to leave the house is have a plan if you can and try to do it the most efficient way possible!

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