Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Babies In a Waiting Room

Have you ever been to a dr`s office and there is a mother there who`s child wont atop crying or just wont sit still, well that was me today, Jordan and I took all 3 kids to the dr.. well Our dr office is TINY!!! the waiting room is about the size of Kalli`s Bedroom literary 8 Chairs, 4 along 2 walls and a door on another wall and a BIG ASS desk in the corner between the other two. SMALL SMALL SPACE! Not only was it tiny but it had to fit my family, which consisted of Me, Jordan, Kalli, The twins, their Car seats that they were in, our big puffy winter coats, a diaper bag, AND 6-8 other people in that waiting room! And of course Kalli sat still for all of 84 seconds before she started going stir crazy and sinning and trying to get strangers to pick her up and trying to steal the mas coffee and sitting down right behind the door and trying to grab things off the desk, ripping magazines, throwing her bottle, screaming when we tried to pick her up and absolutely not cooperating what so ever! On top of this i also had the twins there, by this time they hadn't eaten in nearly 3 hours and they were starting to fuss, so while sticking paci`s in moths keeping Kalli off of strange mens laps and that office was heating up  fast, with the 11 bodies in that tiny room and the energy coming off Kalli we were in a tiny sauna. Honestly i am not very fond of this doctor so far, my lovely awesome dr retired and this is who we were placed with, with NO option to change because  of such a lack of Dr`s in our area its very much take what you get and suck it up! This office is not very kid friendly, Usually a Family dr would have toys or a kid book or something but nope! On top of the lack of entertainment was a sign on the wall that read "Parents, Please keep your Kids Under Control". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? Have you people ever tried to keep kids cooped up like that for half an hour wait in a hot office with little entertainment and have them "Under control?"

So finally we get out of the waiting room and into the cramped little Dr. Office room where she informs me that i need to go back in 2 weeks because she didn't know that the babies needed needles and she didn't have the drug there. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! I live forever away and it is obviously hard to handle all them kids there and i have to come back... I am Sooo Not impressed.

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