Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back on Youtube!

Im So excited to announce that i am finally back on youtube, i really want to become more involved in the youtube mommy community. I have been uploading videos today and soon as i can i will be doing some day in the life videos! I need to get a new laptop first but hopefully that will be very soon! Pleasse check out my channel by CLICKING HERE. Thanks and dont forget to like comment and subscribe!

Also today i had an exceptionally good day! It started out not so great but it has really turned around! Jordan and I started the day off with big ole fight, and then the babies all started crying while he went to sleep, I finally got them all fed and happy and then he woke up and wanted me to cook! But after that Kalli was just such an absolute delight that it really helped me cheer up! And of course jumping back into youtube has also made me super happy and excited!

My youtube is now in the sidebar! please check it out and rate, comment & subscribe!

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