Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Momma's little helper!

Kalli has started imitating everything that i do these days. Its nice to see her helping, but sometimes it makes everything that much harder, especially Laundry. I usually sit on the floor in the living room and fold, sort and put in the basket to be put away later. Well when Kalli decides to help she just picks them all up and throws them in the basket, and then she gets in too!!! Another thing that she has been doing is trying to play with the diaper genies, she opens and closes them and pulls on the liners.

Kalli is in such an awesome stage right now, she is learning so much and explores like crazy. She is starting to really notice that if she climbs she can see new things, she is climbing the baby chairs  swings, coffee table, changing tables, chairs coaches, beds... anything she can get her feet into. I Love my beautiful little girl! She is a crazy hard to handle monkey but it only lasts a moment then its on to the next phase of life. 

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