Saturday, February 2, 2013

Response to "2011teenagemom"

This morning while Kalli ate her breakfast and i fed the twins i logged onto youtube (as i usually do) and i opened a video titled "Teen Parents Having More Children", so i watched it because i watch all of her videos and honestly i was pretty much offended by this video, yeah its hard to have multiple children, and yes it happens a lot the statistics for teens is that 25% will become pregnant within two years after giving birth.  I am a statistic i guess, i got pregnant 3 months after giving birth, Kalli was planned (not well planned, but deffanitly intentional). I got pregnant with the twins while I was on tri-cyclen lo, i was also breastfeeding, and honestly we had sex like 3 times before i got knocked up! I did consider my options and decided to keep "the baby" ( i didnt know it was twins yet). I have always been Pro-Life, but until your in the situation where you need to consider possibly terminating, you really have no idea; you get a whole new outlook on it with the fear, regret and uncertainty. It was a hard decision for me to make but did i choose the easy road? probably not. Was it a good decision? I dont know? But do i love my kids more than anything in the world? Yes, and even though this is a hard life i am dealing with it one day at a time.  I want to tell everyone the truth about how hard it really is having babies young, and having multiples. Babies are demanding and take up all your time and energy. They want to be fed, changed, held, played with, bathed, left alone, they need 110% of your attention and with three it is very hard.
Now i said before that i was offended by her video, but do i disagree, not really. I deffinitly think everyone should wait to have kids until they are 100% stable, but things happen sometimes no mater what precautions that you take. Most relationships have a physical element and you cant just eliminate that large part of your relationship and expect it to not suffer greatly.
I deffinitly think that teens should wait to have more kids, but if the first was a surprise who's to say another one wont be. Unless you and your partner stop having sex there is no  guarantee.
I wouldnt trade my kids for anything, and i wouldnt change my decision if i had the chance.
Ihave decided to start posting and vlogging about "reality" i dont want to hide the bad i dont want to mask it with the good times and left out issues, i want everyone out there to see how hard life really can get for me. I will be getting a new laptop soon so that i can vlog and record some tantrums. But until then i am going to tell it like it is right here on my new little vlog.

**So Vanessa, if somewhere out in internet land if you happen to read this, i just want to say please dont judge other peoples lives, the decisions they have made may have been the hardest they have ever had to make, they could be struggling or they could be abundantly happy with the way they live. It's easy to get pregnant, you already should know that, so you should also realize it happening again is just as easy. And btw thank you for inspiring my new endeavors. **

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