Friday, March 15, 2013

Yeayy Kalli!

Yeay to my miss Kalli! Today at nap time Kalli refused her bottle. Since being sick she has hardly wanted it at all and today she hasn't wanted it once and she even pushed it away. I am so proud of her and I really hope that this continues for her!

A little update about our sickness.. Kalli still has diarrhea  and it hurts her very bad now as she has also got a real bad rash from it. Luke seems like he is done, he had one small hard poop, and Emma did wake up with diarrhea but it hasn't gotten any worse. I am not sick any more, I am still pretty exhausted from lack of sleep but otherwise i'm almost top notch!. Jordan says he's "sick" but who knows how long he plans to milk that one!!

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