Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Force Feeding JUNK!

Now, I am NOT sorry if i offend anyone with this.  It is my opinion and belief that small children should not have sweets, especially babies and toddlers. At this age they don't know the difference, you could offer them a carrot stick and they wouldn't know the difference. When you or I eat a chocolate bar or a bag of candy we know that what we are putting into our bodies is not healthy, but that is a choice that we make for our self. We know that is isn't good for us but we have the capacity to decide to eat it. When you feed a toddler this stuff, a kid who doesn't know that it is bad and doesn't know why high calorie sugar sticks shouldn't really be put into their body, you are FORCE FEEDING you kid JUNK! It is your responsibility as a parent  to do whats right and make the right decisions for your child, putting the right kind of food into their body is a  very important decision. It is a decision that can affect their lifestyle forever. If you start your kid off on junk food all the time they are going to want it and they don't know it'd bad or why its bad. So why knowingly increase your childs chances of getting diabetes, or becoming obese. I guess so you can feel like a "good parent" for giving your kids every chocolate thing out there for easter. Well if you are going to shovel sugar down your kids throat then i really suggest people go out and research the effects of feeding BABIES candy and chocolate, and why you shouldnt do it.. Im sorry i had to vent about this subject. It makes me sad, babies and toddlers rely on their parents and trust without a doubt that their mom or dad will know whats right and will do the right things, if they are taught that eating a bunch of candy and junk is right thats a problem, they cannot decide NOT to eat it they just will if that is that they are given. its kinda like smoking... you choose to smoke and you make the choice if you are around someone who is smoking, its your choice, but having your kids around a smoker, they are not given the choice weather or not to put those chemicals into their body, they are being forced it. They can not make that choice for them self at all.

Banana's and Milk...

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