Thursday, March 7, 2013

Contraversial Toddler Topics

I have been watching a lot of the controversial parenting tag videos on Youtube lately and i even did one myself (click here to watch it!). Even though i do and have at one time relate to the topics sorta, i feel like the world deserves a controversial toddler tag, so since i haven't seen one i think i might go ahead and create one of my own!

I thought of this today when i was looking at Toddler Harnesses online.. And i bid on one on ebay.. Something i never ever thought i would ever use or purchase i am making a solid plan to buy! I am in a situation now where kalli is a RUNNER! in the store she will not sit in the cart, she wants to stand up and turn around and jump and play.. so i try holding here, that doesnt work well when she is 26lbs and squirmy! So my next option is to let her walk, well i can't very well grocery shop while holding her hand and i can't run after her and still manage to get what i need to get into the cart so this is my next solution.

The next topic is a hot one, Forward Facing Vs. Rear Facing. I have always been a HUGE advocate for Extended rear facing, and i still am but i just cannot afford to drop 3 or 4 hundred dollars on a diano or clek, and i can't go out and get a new car so my options are limited as to what will fit in my car and my budget. Kalli recently out grew the 32" height limit on her scenera, In Canada the height limits are lower, they are on more seats and more  strict to use! So my option is to Turn her around FF in her scenera and then buy 2 more Sceneras for the Babies, While i was out shopping for the two sceneras for the twins i came across something that caught my eye! The fisher Price Safe Voyage Grow with me Child-Booster seat. It is a 5pt harness FF seat up to 65lbs and then to a High Back Booster and then a Backless booster! So i purchased this seat and one Scenera. Emma will inherit Kalli's Scenera RF and Luke gets a Brand new Black and grey Scenera, and Kalli will have her grow with me, i ABSOLUTELY plan on buying these seats for the twins when they are ready!

Potty training, Early, Late, Toddler led? Well my plan is to slowly introduce it to kalli, and from there let her take the lead, i will have it ready for her starting at 18 months, and i will bring her with me to the bathroom, but for the most part if she wants to go or not will be up to her. This is how my mother did it with me and i never had a single accident once she let me learn the
potty on my own!

Milk. Cows, Almond, Soy, Ect. Now i know some kids have allergies, or other health issues but otherwise i plan on feeding my kids 2% cows milk. I live in canada so there are no artificial growth hormones, but in the US it is legal and we do buy most of our milk there but most kinds there do not have hormones anymore, it will say on the package "with no growth hormones". I use oakhurst and have since kalli was a year old.

nuk big dot bottles walmartBottle and Paci weaning is my next topic, When to give it up? Alot of experts are saying to kick it by 1 year, but no later than 18 months, when i was younger i think i had it until i was 2 and im fine.. I have been having ALOT of trouble with weaning Kalli and i am really hoping she will be off it by 18 months. But if i could do it over i would 1 NEVER USED DROP INS and 2 started weaning at 6 months!

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