Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Twins @ 9 wks adjusted 17 wks actual

This week my babies are really starting to "wake up", so i have decided to start documenting their progress weekly. For Kalli i has a baby book that i did this is but i couldn't find a week by week one for the twins and frankly i love the idea of YT updates but i just don't have time usually to get myself done up enough to really feel comfortable in front of a camera, however i think once i get my tax return if i end up buying a new camera i may start vlogging as well  and i will ink it on here as well as it will be on my youtube channel.

This week my babies are 17 Weeks Actual , 9 Weeks Adjusted

*if you are unaware, prems are developmentally monitored and tracked by an adjusted age, their development is compared to their due date rather than their actual birth date`*

 My little Luke has been rolling over for well over a month now, he is very strong when holding himself up as well and he has been holding himself up since i brought him home and began tummy time. This week he has started sleeping at night for up to 9 hrs!!! this is insane i am soo happy about this! He has also really started to "play" he bats and grabs the toys on his play gym mat.He looks when he hears distinctive noises or i walk in the room. He has started to smirk a little but he still is not very social. He is perfectly content with being left alone to play and that works great for us. He also makes  this noise when he sleeps almost like a high pitched snore, most prems are noisy sleepers but he just hasn't grown out of it ! He was a big soother baby and he just learned to suck his thumb, so he has been knocking out the paci and putting the thumb in at night lately. He is crowing like crazy he weighs 11 lbs and 2 oz this week.

 Emma is a social butterfly, she smiles and coos all the time, she has defiantly found her voice. She is starting to bat at her toys now, she is not a big fan on tummy time but shes starting to get used to it and try to push herself up.  She has been colicky for about 10 weeks, i give her gripe water and she gets lots of cuddling. Emma doesn't sleep quite as well last night was our second night of sleep so fingers crossed it continues. She weights 9 lbs 14 oz this week

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