Sunday, January 13, 2013

Does 8hrs of Sleep Really Exist?

*This is an update from a previous post on my old blog (SEE BOTTOM OF POST) about Kalli's New Bed*

 So Kalli has been out of her crib for 1 month and she is doing awesome! She is teething so she hasn't been sleeping very good, but at least its not a screaming match to get her into bed at night, when she was in her crib every night was "cry-it-out" night. sleep training was definitely a bust with her but now that she isn't confined to her crib she sleeps like a baby... lol... where is no fights getting her into bed! She usually stays in bed, but sometimes she gets  up and cries at the gate or goes and plays for a bit, then i put her back with her bottle and she goes right  to sleep. The last week or so though has been a little bit worse, she goes to bed between 7-8 and she has been waking up around 11 or 12 and wanting to be held and rocked for at least 20 minutes before she Will even consider going back to sleep. This is really becoming a problem, the babies are just starting to give me a little bit of sleepability, and now Kalli, my big girl, is waking me up!! I really hope this is just teething and soon as those two molars come through she will go back to sleep!

As for the twins well there sleep has been pretty F***** up as well, and i know i shouldn't do it  but i am letting them sleep in the infant to toddler rocker chairs, its the only way i can get to sleep at all. When i put them in their bed they move around and the wake up and the hit each other and wake up each other. I don't think this is a they need their own bed issue really but more of a wide open space issue. They seem to like the cuddled-upness of the chairs. I need the sleep i get when they sleep there, they went from sleeping 2-4 hrs and waking up at least 3 times every night to 1 wake up, around 3am. I know i cant do this forever, but for now it is keeping me sane!

We Put Emma in Kalli's Bed... Kalli was NOT happy about it! 
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I know  his may be a slight rush on things but i have decided to put Kalli in a toddler bed, for Christmas she will be getting her new room things. She is 13 months old right now and today i have taken her mattress out of her crib and moved it to the floor for now to see how well she does with it and so far so good she hasn't fallen face first onto the floor.

   If our wondering my reasoning behind this i have a couple things, i want her to have an easier time adjusting when i take her crib and give it to he twins, i want her to be out of it for a while and not be attached to it anymore, also she is starting to climb things, not her crib yet but she tries to climb up everything else and she HATES her crib anyways, i think this was the easiest nap so far!

   I want to do her room in fairies, we have a few fairy things and Tinkerbell stings in there but i want it to be all out! She like Tinkerbell she has a little figurine that talks to her. and she recognise her in stores and when she sees her out places.

I am going Christmas shopping tomorrow so hopefully is all goes well she sleeps good tonight on her mattress and i will buy her bed tomorrow, if not i will possible wait another month or so.

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