Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sleeping Through The Night

It is official! My twins are Sleeping through the night! I really feel for those moms out there who have babies who don't sleep a lot, i couldn't imagine having to go much longer waking up and never getting more than 3-4 hrs of sleep.

They were eatiing 4-5 oz every four hours, i increased to 6 oz, and an extra 3 right before bed (they ear at 10 pm and again at 12 am usually). Also as much as i wanted them to co-sleep for a long time they were waking each other up, so i went out and bought a new playpen for Emma, and theser things are working so great for us now, im very pleased with the results.

I take the twins and put them in their bed around midnight when i go to bed and they sleep until about 8:30 am, Kalli usually wakes up around this time as well  I am so overjoyed that i have been getting so much sleep! Hopefully i will be able to blog a little bit more now that i am less tired!

 This is where they sleep now, still in our bedroom.
Luke Sleeping, I didn't get any of Emma yet.                               

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