Tuesday, January 29, 2013

House Husband?

This is my topic today, can i husband really stay home? This is a question that i have been worrying about a lot lately. We as a family have recently decided that Jordan would take a child care leave from work so that he can help me with taking care of the children, this decision was not really thought out he kind of decided on his own that this is what he wanted to do and we would just have to deal with it, he will be off work until just before the twins turn 1. In that time i have decided that i might go to school, i have been looking into some courses, and im very weary to doing school online. I am very worried that if i go and spend money that we are scraping together and borrowing i will take a course that is not is accredited or is not recognized. I don't have much time to get this done while he's on leave.

The course i have been looking at is teacher for persons with autism. I would be working with children who have autism basically, at the same time i also want to learn ASL. But this is not what this post is about, if and when i make a solid decision i will definitely be writing about it, but this post is how do i "train" dad to be mom? Is it even possible?

What if he forgets to feed them, or change them, what if he just doesn't teach them anything? Will he cook and clean will i have to go to school and then come home to a big mess and children screaming everyday?

I never planned on being a SAHM but it just happened that way and now that the thought of me leaving them is being brought up i am terrified to leave him in charge.

Three babies take a lot, there is a lot of screaming and crying and laughing and eating and playing. And sometime you just need to ignore the screams for a sec while you take a bottle , i just don't know if he can handle it, at least i will have month to whip him into shape... i really hope its possible!

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